Project: TAFE Cammeray

Bellwood Design was engaged to collaborate with the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE Leadership Team to reinvigorate their existing dated interior and exterior spaces to align more closely with their new ‘user focused’ structure. The scope of work involved re-designing high traffic precincts across two campus’ within the Northern Sydney Institute and was completed in October 2014. These spaces had become ramshackle and worn over time with the dated 1980’s institutional aesthetic. The Institute’s working team’s ambition was to create revitalised and inspiring spaces for students befitting a leading international tertiary educational body.

A thorough user assessment of nominated areas including the library were undertaken. An important aspect of the redesign was to address the heightened technological requirements within the organisation and of its students, including the provision of flexible collaborative spaces for relaxation as well as student/teacher engagement and study. We wanted the students to have an enhanced user experience to further their own positive commitment to study.

Included in this project was the provision of 8 new furniture and lighting products by Australian designer Chris Hardy, these benefited and added value to the schematic design in a number of ways. Chris Hardy developed these new products that supported the criteria of authenticity to meet the design concept. Paramount to the design was the ability to provide individualised custom options in a timely fashion to meet crucial client deadlines. An attention to detail and innovation were pivotal to the schemes success such as the development of a communal sofa with the inclusion of OE Elsafe’s PIXEL system in the sofa which gives the students the option to charge their devices in comfort instead of the need to be near a wall or desk.

The holistic approach from the teams and new designs supported the brief and budget, but most importantly, arrived on time; leaving the enthusiastic TAFE team with a modern and technological campus.

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