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TUF HP USB Charging for Laptops & Mobiles!

TUF HP Brings a new era in Laptop Charging

We are very excited to be launching the latest innovation to come from our OE Elsafe technical development team.  TUF HP is a revolutionary new powerful USB charging solution designed to charge laptops and mobiles at the same time!  TUF HP splits the power system enabling the same OE sleek USB charging solutions above the surface with the power supply discreetly hidden under the desk, inside cabinetry or fitted into the OE Prodigy cable basket.

TUF HP features are:

  • Unique two-part solution for slim rails or sleek desktop solutions.
  • 72W solution enabling full 60W Type C and the full 12W Type A fast charging, simultaneously.
  • Patented unit replaceability in QikFIT and canister applications
  • Universal Type C laptop charging through the Type C port
  • Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) for optimal fast charging on Type A port
  • Unique reversible Type A and Type C solution
  • TUF HP fits all OE Elsafe products

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