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what’s the difference?

TUF HP and TUF PD are USB A+C fast charging modules designed and manufactured by the OE Electrics Group with one main difference – power.

TUF PD 25W modules (blue LED) will charge mobiles and tablets. 

TUF HP 72W modules (green LED) charges laptops, mobiles and tablets.  

TUF modules fit most OE products or can be integrated directly into furniture. 

TUF PD – Mobile and Tablet Charging

TUF USB charging modules are compatible with OE table boxes, desktop power rails and OE’s PRODIGY cable basket.

TUF HP – Laptop, Mobile and Tablet Charging

Unique split system enabling compact USB charging above surface with the power supply discreetly hidden below surface.  

PHASE with TUF PD USB A+C power module, undermounted

PLUTO with TUF HP LAPTOP and mobile charging modules,

QikFIT TUF PD – Mobile and Tablet Charging

QikFIT TUF is suitable for panel mounting.  Can be daisy chained for lockers or fitted in OE power rails and table boxes.

QikFIT TUF HP – Laptop, Mobile and Tablet Charging

Compact yet powerful USB A+C laptop, mobile and tablet charging power module that fits most OE products.

QikFIT TUF PD in mobile phone charging lockers.

PARTNER table box with QikFIT TUF HP

Replaceable – Good for the Planet and your Pocket!

TUF R (replaceable) USB chargers can be safely replaced by anyone using our simple tool – without turning the power off.

Piccolo TUF HP – Laptop, Mobile and Tablet Charging

Piccolo TUF-HP provides high powered laptop, tablet & mobile charging in an easy to install compact yet powerful module.

CLICK to see how quick it is to change a TUF power module.

PICCOLO  compact yet powerful laptop charging

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