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B-Cycle Battery Stewardship Program

QIKPAC Lithium-Ion Batteries are 95% recyclable with the recovered resources returned to the manufacture of new lithium-Ion batteries creating a truly circular battery economy. 

OE Elsafe has an end-of-life policy recommending all QIKPAC batteries are recycled. OE has partnered with B-Cycle to provide an end-of-life solution for our QIKPAC batteries.  B-Cycle is Australia’s official battery stewardship scheme providing a recycling process that ensures the precious materials in every battery you drop off get made into something new. All batteries are processed at Australia’s very own onshore battery recycling plant, Envirostream.

The Envirostream recycling facility is equipped to recover the maximum amount of resources (~95%) from all types of spent batteries. Those resources are then returned to the manufacturing sector, with the active components of end-of-life Li-ion batteries – cobalt, nickel, lithium, and graphite – subsequently used as raw materials in the production of new Li-ion batteries. Recycling batteries creates a truly circular, and therefore sustainable, battery economy.

Please contact OE Elsafe for recycling information and collection points.  Recycling is local, easy and free!  There is simply no reasons for spent batteries to leave Australia or be consigned to landfill.

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