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QikFIT Thick Panel Frame

Panel Mount Power, Data/AV

Compatible with OE Elsafe QikFIT Range

The QikFIT Thick Panel Frame has been designed to accommodate QikFIT power, data and AV modules, mounted into a screen or other surfaces from 3mm to 14mm thick.

The sleek and easy to install frame comes in white or black and offers a range of configuration options to suit every workspace.

The QikFIT Thick Panel Frame is supplied complete with integrated fixing clips for quick tool-less installation into pre-cut panels without the need for fixing screws, making it a cost effective and practical solution.


2 GPOs + TUF Charging
USB Type-A and Type-C


Twin USB Fast Charging
USB Type-A and Type-C

QikFIT Data / AV

Cutouts and Couplers
Soft Wired Data / AV

QikFIT Power

1GPO | 2GPO | 4GPO
Soft / Hard Wired



QikFIT Thick Panel Frame can be configured with any combination of OE Elsafe QikFIT power, data and AV modules to suit the workspace


QikFIT Thick Panel frame is moulded from fire retardant polycarbonate


The Thick Panel Frame comprises of three parts:

   • The polycarbonate frame

   • Two frame clips made from Nylon 6/6 to allow them to spring as required.

The clips are able to be adjusted for variations in panels from 3 – 10mm and panels from 6 – 14mm thick.


Thick Panel Frame is available in black, white or grey.

Quality and testing:

“We test every pin in every socket in every module”

QikFIT Compatible

Qikfit Series Approval No. NSW 23497. The GST connectors incorporated into the QIKFIT are compliant to standards IEC 61535 and AS/NZS 61535.



Thick Panel Frame OE Elsafe



TUF and Power

Fascia colours available in white, black, grey & red (round earth only available in red)

 Data and AV

A large selection of DATA / AV cutouts and couplers are available, please enquire.

Thick Panel Frame OE Elsafe

Mounting of QikFIT Thick Panel Frames:

The QikFIT panel comes with three moulded posts for stability. For installation of data (up to 9 x QF5 tiles), do not remove the posts. For Power, data and AV mixed configurations, remove posts as per the guide below.

   For all data / AV (up to 9), leave all posts.                                   For 2GPO plus data / AV, remove 1 (left) posts.

  For 2GPOTUF in central mount, remove all posts.                      For 4GPO, remove all posts



Part No. Description Colour
161610 QIKFIT QF45 Thick Panel Frame BLACK
161609 QIKFIT QF45 Thick Panel Frame WHITE
161611 QIKFIT QF45 Thick Panel Frame GREY

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This item is designed and intended for commercial use.