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ANIMATE your space with OE’s award winning cable free solution

We Power Furniture

Adding power to your furniture is easy with OE Elsafe plug and play modules. 

Flexible and adaptable our power modules can be powered by mains or our award winning QIKPAC commercial space battery for a truly agile solution.

About Us

OE Elsafe is part of the OE Electrics Group with offices and distribution partners in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, USA, and the Middle East.

OE specialise in powering commercial spaces. We offer power and data/AV solutions, cable management, soft wiring, and surge protection.


Award winning, mobile power solution.  Up to 28 hours from a single charge

Office portable battery banks education offices OE Elsafe QikPAC
65W Laptop and Mobile Device Charging Compact Office OE Elsafe


Patented and award winning laptop and mobile charging solution

TUF-R USB Power Modules

We have developed our own patented and award-winning USB charging technology so we can offer the best possible charging solutions for every project and commercial space.

TUF USB modules fit most OE products, maximising options.

QikFIT Power Data/AV Modules

Our QikFIT Series has been designed to fit our desk rails, in desk boxes, floor boxes and cable baskets as well as industry standard cut-outs.

The QikFIT Series incorporates auto switching power GPO outlets, TUF USB fast charging as well as data and audio visual solutions.


QikFIT power modules fit our power rails, table and floor boxes.

Cable Baskets

We design robust solutions that are easy to install


The PRODIGY cable basket offers a unique combination of features: speed of installation, strength, versatility, aesthetics and a configurability unlike anything that has been seen before.

PRODIGY is simply the smartest cable management system on the market: ‘less is so much more’.


The OE Elsafe PATHFINDER system has been designed from 30 years of experience in supplying cable management products. 

PATHFINDER offers a complete floor to ceiling, floor to desk and ceiling to desk vertical cable management solution.

Cable Management

Flexible cable management solutions for commercial spaces.


Ergonomic desktop power, data/AV solution

Desktop Power

OE Elsafe power, data, and AV rails are modern and functional.

The modular design allows for almost any configuration of power, USB laptop and smartphone charging, data, and AV.

Our on-desk power and data rails are suitable for workstations and work surfaces.

Floor Boxes

OE Elsafe floor boxes are designed for ease of installation in new or retro fitouts.  We offer a comprehensive range of sizes that can be fitted with our starters, power, and data/AV modules.  

Solid or recessed lid options to accommodate carpet or tiles for discreet merging with the surroundings.


Stainless steel, shallow solution for in floor power, data/AV requirements


PEAK table box has a unique “floating surface” design

In Desk Boxes

Our range of in-desk power solutions will suit the most sophisticated boardroom or workspace and can be specified with any combination of power, data and AV modules. 

OE table boxes are designed for ease of installation in either new fit outs or can be retro fitted into existing furniture. 

Soft Wiring

Soft wiring is a pre-terminated plug and play electrical wiring system. The modular nature of soft wiring allows for the re-use of leads and connectors which is especially useful during moves and changes (CHURN).

OE Elsafe offer a large range of Wieland GST18 cables, clips and distribution blocks.


Power and USB charging
for collaborative spaces