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QikBOX – Under Desk Power


Discreet Under Desk Power

QikBOX is ideal for temporary or permanent power provision in any environment including under desk. QikBOX is designed to be fitted with OE Elsafe QikFIT power, data and AV modules giving flexibility in configurations.

The QF45 size QikBOX is designed for on-site configuration with varying combinations of QikFIT power, data / AV and USB fast charging modules.

Various Fitting Options

QikBOX comes with fixing brackets for quick and easy installation using screws.


QikBOX is available in Power only / Data only / Combined (Power, TUF, Data & AV).


FR-ABS plastic



Power Entry/Exit:

Male / Female Wieland GST18/3 installation couplers depending on module configuration.


Factory assembled QikBOX modules are 100% tested for continuity, polarity, insulation & earth.

Soft Wiring:

Power via Wieland GST connector allows starter cables to be changed to suit requirements, especially useful during moves and changes (CHURN)

Soft Wiring(Data/AV):

As well as soft wired power, QikBOX can be supplied with pre-fabricated fly leads for DATA and AV.


QikFIT Power & Twin USB Fast Charging (TUF)

Data & AV Cut Outs

Data & AV Couplers

Soft Wired Data & AV Leads

Images and layouts are shown are for illustration purposes only.

QikBOX Screw Mounts

Fits in Cable Trays

Part No. Description Colour
161710 QIKBOX 2 GPO auto switched power outlet BLACK
161702 QIKBOX 4 GPO auto switched power outlet BLACK
161708 QIKBOX 2 Angled Data BLACK

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