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Flexible modular system.

Simple to install.

Reconfigurable cable clips.

Power module mounting clips.

Universal ‘Velcro’ bracket.

EasyClamp is a minimalist yet effective modular horizontal cable management system that is a perfect companion for the OE Elsafe PB Series.

EasyClamp is a minimal and simple way to manage power and data below the desk top. Perfect for open backed desks and small meeting tables where conventional suspended tray cable management would be visually intrusive. Easy Clamp can also be combined with our Pathfinder umbilical for a complete floor to desk top cable management solution.

The core component of Easy-Clamp is a solid aluminium mounting rail to which moulded mounting clips for power modules, IT power supplies and cables  can be securely attached by a simple locate and rotate action.

Lengths Available


Clips available

Easy-Clamp Cleat – Black, white and silver
Easy-Clamp Cleat Velcro – Black, white and silver
PB 90 Bracket – Black
PB 60 Bracket – Black


Mounting rail: Anodised aluminium
Brackets/clips: Black Nylon


PB Series
Cable Snake® CUBE
Cable Snake® CUBE MX
Cable Snake® PRO
Cable Snake® ORBIT

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