Distinctive ‘organic’ design.

Power, data, AV and TUF A+C USB fast charger options.

Customisable colours and end caps.

PolarICE brings power and data connectivity to the desktop in a sleek ice cool package. With unique appearance colour options and fittings, the OE Elsafe PolarICE will provide power, data, AV and is also available with our TUF A+C USB Fast charger option.

White snap on fascias and domed end caps, with contrasting grey or black socket fascias give polarICE a distinctive modern look. In addition a wide range of fixing options allow polarICE to be quickly and neatly fitted to most desks and screens, often without the need for special tools or under desk access.

PolarICE can be customised either before or after installation. As well as snap on snap off frames polarICE can be fitted with flat, rounded or custom-made end-caps to match the workplace environment.


PolarICE may be configured with any combination of power, data/AV and USB charging including our class leading TUF A+C: Twin USB Fast charger.


PolarICE comprises an earthed aluminium extruded chassis with fire retardant moulded socket fascias, decorative frames and end caps.

Colour Options

Extrusion – Silver anodised
End Caps – White or black
Power, TUF and data/AV fascia’s – Grey or black
Decorative Frames – White or black

Power Connection Options

800mm lead to J Coupler
1400mm lead to J Coupler


PolarICE is supplied as standard with a pair of snap on moulded black desk edge brackets with screw clamps for 5-35mm desk tops.  Other fixing options include “slimline” clamp brackets for desk tops up to 26mm and “extended” up to 55mm thick, plus tool/equipment rail brackets.

Quality and Testing

Visual: Configuration and appearance.
Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation and earth
USB charger: Output voltage and resistance
All sockets continuity tested with batch performance testing
“We test every pin on every connection in every socket”


Power & Twin USB Fast Charging (TUF)

Fascia colours available in white, black, grey & red (Australia/New Zealand Socket only)

Data & Audio Visual

Fascia colours available in white, black & grey – keystone options below

Soft Wired Data & AV Leads

Keystone options

International Sockets

A selection of international sockets available on request


International power sockets usb charging OE Elsafe


Images, layouts and colours shown are for illustration purposes only.

Standard Fixings

  • QRB Quick Release Bracket 13 – 45mm
  • PCC Polar C Clamp Bracket 5-35mm
  • XCC Extended Clamp Bracket 25 – 55mm
  • TRA Toolrail/Panel Adaptor*
  • TRB Tool Rail Bracket*

*Please call to confirm screen/toolrail compatibility

Please email your quote request to sales@elsafe.com.au or call 1300 ELSAFE (357 233) for pricing.