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TUF USB A+C (30W) Fast Charging Power Module.

Compatible with OE Power Rails and Table Boxes.

Charges tablets and smartphones.

QikFIT TUF is an easy to install, compact USB A+C fast charging solution for smartphones and tablets. QikFIT TUF provides a combined 30W for charging devices in optimal time.

QikFIT TUF is suitable for panel mounting with built-in mounting clips for tool-less installation in panels up to 3 mm thick. QikFIT TUF can be used on its own or combined with the OE Elsafe QikFIT series to create a range of OE Elsafe rails and panel mounts.

Quick and easy to install, connecting to the power supply via an integrated GST 18/3 male connector. QikFIT TUF can be daisy chained using either OE Elsafe J-Couplers or GST distribution blocks connected to a single starter or from a mains AC socket.

For Laptop fast charging please see the TUF-R HP (high powered) module.

TUF is safe and designed for public spaces, no data transfer is possible.

Data transfer is not possible as TUF has no external data connections or the ability to store enough code to put malware on a device.

QikFIT Power

1 GPO | 2 GPO | 4 GPO
Soft / Hard Wired


2 GPOs + TUF Charging
USB Type-A and Type-C

QikFIT Data / AV

Cutouts and Couplers
Soft Wired Data / AV


Thick Panel Frame
Panel Mounted Power


1 x Type A USB charging port (reversible)

1 x Type C USB charging port (reversible)

Male Wieland GST input


Fascia – V0 Polycarbonate
Back – V0 Polycarbonate

Size Options

Fascia to suit connection to a 2GPO QikFIT – Also suitable for use in lockers
Fascia to suit connection to a 4GPO QikFIT

Colour Options

Fascia – Black, white, and grey

Power Connection Options

Male Wieland GST input only


Panel mount clips for surfaces 1mm to 3mm thick. When used in conjunction with the QikFIT Thick Panel Frame the QikFIT series can be mounted into panels from 3mm to 14mm thick.

Quality and Testing

Visual: Configuration and appearance.
Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation, and earth
USB charger: Output voltage and resistance
All sockets continuity tested with batch performance testing
“We test every pin on every connection in every socket”


TUF – Twin USB Fast Charger Specifications

TUF is designed for device charging only. Data transfer is not possible, as TUF has no external data connections or the ability to store enough code to put malware on a device..

USB charging outlets 1 x Type A Female (reversible)
1 x Type C Female (reversible)
Charging Current Max 5A in total
AC voltage range 240V AC 50/60Hz
AC input current Max 0.6amp at full load
<0.5mA at no load
Rated total Output 30W max
Output voltage 5V DC +- 5%
Standby Power use <0.05W
USB connector Gold Plated
Min. Insertions – 5,000 for Type A, 10,000 for Type C
Over current protection Yes – Auto reset
Short Circuit protection Yes – Auto reset
Operating Temperature 0° to 30°C
Max relative humidity 85% RH
Safety Certifications

QikFIT Series Approval No.: NSW 23497

Safety – IEC62368-1:2014 A11:2017

EMC – EN61204-3: 2018,

OVCIII rated,

Additional Features • Dynamic voltage adjustment to compensate for cable voltage loss
• Protection from external surges
• Blue LED, turns green during power delivery / quick charge

*Insertion lifetime refers to USB contacts only.

Thick Panel Frame

The QikFIT Thick Panel Frame has been designed to accommodate the Elsafe QikFIT Series in a screen or other surface from 3mm to 14mm thick. The sleek and easy to install frame comes in white, black or grey in a QF45 size only. This is a brilliant cost effective mounting method that can be installed in a range of different configurations.



The Thick Panel Frame comprises of three parts:

– Frame which is made from Polycarbonate

– Two frame clips which are made from a Nylon 6/6 to allow the clip to spring as required. The clips are able to be adjusted for height variations in panels 3 – 10mm and panels 6 – 14mm thick.



Mounting of QikFIT Thick Panel Frame:

The QikFIT panel comes with three moulded posts for stability. For installation of data (up to 9 x QF5 tiles), do not remove the posts. For Power, data and AV mixed configurations, remove posts as per the guide below.


For all data / AV (up to 9), leave all posts.                                   For 2GPO plus data / AV, remove 1 (left) posts.


For 2GPOTUF in central mount, remove all posts.                      For 4GPO, remove all posts


Cutout Dimensions

Qikfit TUF USB charging OE Elsafe


Qik Fit TUF fitting OE Elsafe Type C USB charging

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This item is designed and intended for commercial use.