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ABA 2023 ECO Innovation Award Winner

TUF-R has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for ECO Innovation in the 2023 Australian Business Awards.

OE Elsafe has embedded continuous improvement policies that drive the development and implementation of sustainable solutions in our business practises to reduce our impact on the environments in which we operate.

Commercial spaces need power for end-user laptops and mobile phones. This power is almost always provided as a combination of AC power sockets and USB charging ports, which until now came as a single moulded product. (Monobloc)

AC power sockets are a ’50-year technology’ with very little evolution; however, USB charging technology changes every few years as end users upgrade their laptops and mobile phones.

The challenge was given to our Research and Development team, who designed a commercial-grade solution that addressed the different life expectancies of AC sockets and USB charging ports.

The resulting TUF-R USB charging module offers an eco-friendly option that is designed for ease of maintenance, ease of use and significantly reduces waste.

TUF-R is a compact yet powerful, field-replaceable USB A+C laptop and mobile fast charging module designed and developed by OE Elsafe.

TUF-R modules come in two profiles and are designed to fit most OE Elsafe products to provide device charging in the commercial space. TUF-R modules can be integrated into OE Elsafe desktop power rails, table boxes, commercial furniture and can also be panel mounted.

TUF-R has been designed to be eco-friendly with unique features that significantly reduce waste.  The design features that make this possible are:-

  • Modular Product Design
  • TUF-R, Replacable
  • Reversible Type A Port

Replacing just the TUF-R USB charging module and not the whole product extends the life of the product TUF-R is fitted into, saving time, resources and reducing waste.

We are proud to receive such a prestigious award for our TUF-R charging modules, providing us the opportunity to showcase innovative eco-friendly technologies and provide real solutions for the commercial workspace.

Take a closer look;

TUF-R USB A+C Laptop, Mobile and Tablet Charging Module

TUF-R HP  USB A+C Laptop, Mobile and Tablet Charging Module

It takes less than 5 minutes to replace a TUF-R USB charging module CLICK HERE

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