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Cable-Snake® PRO

Tread proof low profile floor snake.

Integrated 2D / 3D functionality.

Integrates with Easy-Bridge.

Cable-Snake® Pro is ideal to protect cables in corridors and heavy foot traffic areas. With a very low profile and arc design Cable-Snake® PRO sits flat to the ground making it highly tread-proof.
• Flat back enables easy flat surface mounting (e.g. wall or under
• Compressible for closed channel applications (120kg weight limit)
• Extend-able for maximum flexibility (80kg weight limit)
• 2D/3D functionality rolls like a caterpillar track ideal for heigh tadjustable
sit to stand desks
• Available in black, white, silver and secure (black and yellow
• Compatible with Cable-Snake® Cube and Cube MX managing cables up to the floor box.

Capacity (approx.)

4 power (2 per cavity) OR
10 data (5 per cavity)

Extended chain of 34 chain links

Approx. 100cm

Compressed 3D chain

Approx. 70cm



Operable temperature range

15-60 deg. Celsius

Segment dimensions

Cable Snake PRO floor trunking cable management OE Elsafe

Colour Options

Cable Snake PRO floor trunking cable management white OE Elsafe Cable Snake PRO floor trunking cable management silver OE Elsafe
White RAL 9003 Silver RAL 9006
Cable Snake PRO floor trunking cable management black OE Elsafe
Black RAL 9005


Our Cable-Snake® accessories are sold separately and are ideal to compliment one of our Cable-Snake® kits


Under desk mounting bracket for vertical mounting on furniture.


Horizontal mounting chain link that comes in either Cube or Cube MX configuration. Perfect for bridging between 2 sit to stand desks with a 1m Cable Snake chain between.


Floor plate powder coated steel. 130 x 130mm. Weight approximately 350g.


Magnetic holders can attach all Cable Snake cable guiding systems to steel furniture, tables and height adjustable desks. Specifically designed for both Cube and Cube MX profiles.


Flexible floor box connector compatible with the majority of Elsafe floor boxes.


The universal socket Easy-Connect enables the connection of almost all Cable Snake system components when they are placed back to back.


For ceiling to floor or ceiling to desk configurations, Easy-Cover can be clipped onto suspended ceilings or directly attached to the structural ceiling by using Easy-Rope, Easy-Ring and Easy-Stop.


Mounting bracket with catch pins for all Cable Snakes with 2 plug appliances.


For rigid horizontal and vertical mounting. Can be used in conjunction with Easy-Desk-3G.


Can be installed into floors, desks, walls or ceilings at any time by drilling a 110mm hole in the surface. Place the Easy-Outlet where you need it and then attach the Cable Snake to the clips.


Strain relief chain link for up to 16 cables. Fits up to 4x VGA or 4x power cables, 4x network, 4x phone, 4x ribbon cables. Strain relief includes clamping screws (3 parts).

Easy-Fix-90-L & Easy-Channel

Easy-Fix-90-L: Large bracket for under desk vertical mounting option.

Easy-Channel: Hook bracket for connect on channel tray for under desk vertical mounting options.

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