Interconnecting Cables

Wieland Interconnecting Soft Wiring Leads.

All OE Elsafe interconnecting cables are fitted with 20A Male and Female Wieland 18/3 series connectors which are fully compliant to AS/NZS61535.

Standard cables are available in either black or white and in lengths from 600mm and then 1M to 10M in 500mm increments. Other lengths are available upon request.

Part No.DescriptionColour
150094IC CABLE 300mm – BlackBLACK
142000IC CABLE 300mm – WhiteWHITE
150046IC CABLE 600mm – BlackBLACK
150049IC CABLE 600mm – WhiteWHITE
150003IC CABLE 1000mm – BlackBLACK
150004IC CABLE 1000mm – WhiteWHITE
150005IC CABLE 1500mm – BlackBLACK
150006IC CABLE 1500mm – WhiteWHITE
150007IC CABLE 2000mm – BlackBLACK
150008IC CABLE 2000mm – WhiteWHITE
150009IC CABLE 2500mm – BlackBLACK
150010IC CABLE 2500mm – WhiteWHITE
150011IC CABLE 3000mm – BlackBLACK
150012IC CABLE 3000mm – WhiteWHITE
150013IC CABLE 3500mm – BlackBLACK
150014IC CABLE 3500mm – WhiteWHITE
150015IC CABLE 4000mm – BlackBLACK
150016IC CABLE 4000mm – WhiteWHITE
150017IC CABLE 4500mm – BlackBLACK
150018IC CABLE 4500mm – WhiteWHITE
150019IC CABLE 5000mm – BlackBLACK
150020IC CABLE 5000mm – WhiteWHITE
150021IC CABLE 6000mm – BlackBLACK
150022IC CABLE 6000mm – WhiteWHITE
150023IC CABLE 7000mm – BlackBLACK
150024IC CABLE 7000mm – WhiteWHITE
150025IC CABLE 8000mm – BlackBLACK
150026IC CABLE 8000mm – WhiteWHITE
150027IC CABLE 9000mm – BlackBLACK
150028IC CABLE 9000mm – WhiteWHITE
150029IC CABLE 10000mm – BlackBLACK
150030IC CABLE 10000mm – WhiteWHITE