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Kadence Desk Booking

Desk booking software for hybrid teams.

Intelligent commercial space management solution to create smarter, more productive workspaces for your teams. Kadence desk booking tools elevate efficiency, streamline workflows, foster community, and promote seamless collaboration for your teams.

Integrates with current tech –  Click to view

Kadence integrates with the tech tools your team already uses, enabling you to conveniently book desks, coordinate spaces, and manage teams all within a single platform.

Microsoft Teams Integration: Book spaces, view schedules, and manage bookings directly within MS Teams, eliminating the need for additional apps.

Google Workspace Integration: Schedule and book rooms through Google Calendar, receive real-time updates, and maintain synchronisation across all tools.

Kadence mobile and web app – Click to view

Kadence mobile and web app is the best way to reserve, find, and check in to available spaces on the go with a tailored experience based on employee preferences. See when teammates are in the office, and where they’re working, and book a space nearby with all the right amenities. Bring your team together easily and efficiently. Book recurring onsite meetings, manage meeting rooms, and book on behalf of others. Coordinate your team and your work.

Manage your spaces with the web app dashboard tools – Click to view

More than just a space booking solution, Kadence integrates data collection software to highlight workspace movement and volumes, allowing workspace planning to go to the next level.

The web dashboard gives you the tools you need to fully coordinate spaces and people. On one platform administrators can understand how the spaces are being used, strategise space optimisation using valuable data insights, and ultimately reduce real estate costs.

Enable your teams to work in the tools they use the most

Kadence integrates inside the tools you and your team already use. Now you can book desks, coordinate your spaces and your teams all in one place.

  • Handle all of your check-in and hot desk booking notifications in one place
  • Effortless adoption and zero set up means your team can start booking desks right away

    Integrates with current tech –  Click to view

    Transform the way your teams book desks

    Empower individuals with flexible desk booking, customized to their schedule and their teams.

    • Get Smart suggestions whenever your teammates are heading to the office
    • Book multiple desks for you and your teammates in one go just by asking Kadence AI
    • Never waste time to commute by getting notified when your teammate has cancelled their booking

    Book a desk or space using the Kadence mobile app – Click to view

    Tailor your workspace to empower your teams

    Powerful space management tools that boost team productivity and saves you unnecessary real-estate costs at the same time.

    • Maximize spaces by assigning teams to office neighbourhoods on any chosen day of the week
    • Visualize how your spaces are being used now or ahead of time on the interactive floor plan
    • Boost productivity by assigning permanent desks to multiple members of your team. 


    Boost office occupancy

    Boost office occupancy by determining when and which teams should be in the office.

    Assign team neighborhoods for specific team days to load-balance your office space. Know the required resources for a given day based on booking data.

    Measure the success of your hybrid workplace policies

    Boost your space management by easily viewing all space reservations and cancellations over any time span – historically or in real time.

    Understand the efficiency of your hybrid work model, and keep track of attendance data to guide decisions for your company-wide policies.

    Reduce inefficient spaces

    Kadence provides you with high-level trends and insights so you can make informed choices backed by comprehensive data for space planning.

    Identify under-utilised spaces to uncover potential enhancements and maximise your existing area before considering expansion.

    Optimize meeting room availability

    Streamline all of your conference rooms with a detailed overview of how they’re used over any time period you choose.

    Leverage the daily occupancy heat map to monitor usage and availability, ensuring everyone can find and book the spaces they need onsite.

    Use data and analytics to drive future decisions for your team

    Know how your office space is used, and who uses it to help reduce carbon footprint, save money, and facilitate better team productivity.

    • Visualize desk availability and which spaces are more popular than others
    • Understand the effectiveness of your hybrid working policy by seeing when teams are coming to the office.
    • Download and report on space usage or integrate with data platforms you already use.

    You can perfectly blend it with your existing office software or just use Kadence’s insights dashboard right inside the web app. This way, you can easily understand, scrutinise, and plan future cost-saving enhancements for your spaces.

    Manage your spaces with the web app dashboard tools – Click to view



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