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TUF-R USB Fast Charging

TUF-R USB A+C Mobile &Tablet Charging

TUF modules fit most OE Elsafe products

Australian Business ECO-INNOVATION Award winner, 2023

The TUF-R (25W) USB fast charging module fits most OE Elsafe products. TUF-R USB charging modules are designed to enable optimal fast charging speeds, perfect for a quick boost or a full charge

Upgradeable / Replaceable TUF-R option

TUF-R is quick and simple to replace without the need to turn off the power or call an electrician. The unique and patented benefit of being replaceable makes TUF-R perfect for areas of high traffic, such as public spaces, education, and hospitality, where if damaged through misuse, TUF-R can quickly be replaced. Replacing or upgrading the TUF-R module and not the whole product saves time, resources, and reduces waste.

 Click to see how quick TUF canister modules are to replace

Reversible Type-A USB Port – Accepts connector both ways

OE Elsafe has introduced the world’s first reversible Type-A port, enabling a first-time connection every time. Connectors can be inserted both ways, cutting down on wear and damage from unsuccessful attempts and extending the life of the module and the product it is fitted into.

TUF-R is safe and designed for public spaces, no data transfer is possible.

Data transfer is not possible as TUF-R has no external data connections or the ability to store enough code to put malware on a device.


Laptop, Mobile & Tablet Charger
Upgradeable | Replaceable


USB A + C Power Delivery
Replaceable | Upgradeable

Qikfit TUF

Twin USB Fast Charging
USB Type-A and Type-C


TUF-R (25W) incorporates Power Delivery Technology, optimising charging speeds for the fastest charge possible today.

Power delivery super fast charging will boost a low battery quickly.  A ten minute charge is all that is needed to add around 20% for most newer phones.

Reversible Type A port ensures a quick single attempt connection every time.  USB charging cord connectors can now be inserted both ways.

TUF-R (25W) features the below key points:

  • Type A and Type C reversible connector ports
  • Power Delivery (PD) technology for the fastest charge possible
  • More POWER means faster charging, up to 25W
  • C to C twice as fast as a converter cable
  • Can handle over 10 000 insertions (commercial grade)
  • TUF-R is optionally available as an upgradeable and replaceable cannister (future proof) with TUF-R

Delivering 25W of power across two USB ports TUF-R can simultaneously charge two of your devices at speeds comparable to or faster than your devices’ own chargers.  TUF-R utilises IDR (Intelligent Device Recognition) enabling it to ‘talk’ to your devices ensuring optimum charging rates.

TUF by name and tough by nature; TUF-R is designed to withstand the elements of a commercial environment with commercial grade connectors for over 10000 insertions. This makes TUF -R ideally suited to high usage public areas, hotels, education and offices. TUF-R circuitry includes protection against both input and output current overload and has been independently tested to the latest International Safety and EMC standards.

Through innovative engineering TUF-R boasts an exceptional efficiency of 91% ensuring you a full 25W of power for charging. This allows you to charge your devices faster, with far less power wastage through heat generation and complies with the latest international standards on the efficiency of power supplies.

Within the many different sectors that OE Elsafe supply, they all require, to some degree, a freedom to charge mobile devices in easily accessible places. TUF-R provides the perfect solution, not only does it allow fast intelligent charging to any mobile device, but can be built into the majority of our power modules. TUF-R can be fitted into desks, meeting tables, lockers, cafe tables, common rooms, bedrooms, hotel receptions, hospital rooms, trains, planes, lecture theatres, even into the sides of an armchair.

And if you have ever considered designing your own power module, where ours may not suit, there is no better time – because we can help you integrate TUF-R into your own OEM solution.

This versatility allows TUF-R to be available to anyone who needs it.

TUF-R is fully certified to Australian Standards ensuring peace of mind when specified into any commercial environment.

TUF-R gives users the flexibility to charge anywhere anytime SAFELY!

TUF-R (25W) Fast Charger Specifications

TUF-R is for charging only; no data transfer is available as no connection to a computer is provided.

USB charging outlets 1 x Type A Female Reversible
1 x Type C Female Reversible
Charging Current

Type C: 5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 15V/1.7A, 20V/1.2A (PD3.0)

Type A: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, (QC3.0/QC2.0)

AC voltage range 100-240VAC at 50/60Hz
AC input current (full load) Max 0.6A
Rated total Output 25W max
Output voltage 5V DC +- 5%
Standby Power use <0.05W
USB connector Gold Plated
Min. Insertions – 10,000 for Type A, 10,000 for Type C
Over current protection Yes – Auto reset
Short Circuit protection Yes – Auto reset
Operating Temperature 0° to 25°C
Max relative humidity 85% RH
Standards Certified to IEC 62368-1 : 2014 (safety) and EN62104 : 2000 (EMC)
Additional Features • Dynamic voltage adjustment to compensate for cable voltage loss
• Protection from external surges
• Blue LED fast charge / Green LED super fast PD charge

*Insertion lifetime refers to USB contacts only.



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This item is designed and intended for commercial use.