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Messenger Umbilical Cable Management

Australian Design Mark Award Winner.

Fully segregated power and data compartments.

Messenger grommets and accessories available.

An innovative, state of the art design in cable management. The compact and stylish shaped messenger umbilical segments are divided into two fully partitioned compartments for complete segregation of power and data.

Designed with a stainless steel wire running through the middle of the segments, ensuring rigidity and safety, should undue pressure or tension be applied to the installed messenger umbilical system.

When installed in a raised floor system the Messenger umbilical is attached to the floor via a custom designed floor grommet.  The grommet features a unique disconnect latch mechanism, making it one of the most flexible cable management systems on the world market today.

Standard Umbilical Configurations

Messenger cable umbilical OE Elsafe Loop to Pin (C17)
Ideally suited for ceiling hung umbilicals, either down to desk,  screen or floor. The loop attaches to a hook/eyebolt allowing the wire to be pulled tight and/or length adjustability.
OE Elsafe cable management vertical Pin to Pin (C21)
Predominantly for use between desk and floor – they are not length adjustable. Stocked in 750mm lengths, however special lengths can be made to suite e.g: height adjustable desking.

Applications using loop to pin configurations

OE Elsafe Messenger cable umbilical Gripper base (C15)
Provides a fixed lower connection point to prevent movement of the umbilical and thereby ensure protection of the cables. Generally used in ceiling-floor or ceiling-screen applications.
Cable management umbilical OE Elsafe Collar base – a neat through desk solution with integral gripper allows cables to drop straight into the under desk cable management.
Messenger cable management MPO OE Elsafe MPO base (Messenger only)- ideal as a seamless link into the top of workstation screens, completely enclosing the cables all the way into the screen.

Applications using pin to pin configurations

Messenger power cable umbilical OE Elsafe Weighted base (C14) – simple solution to ‘reduce’ movement at the umbilical base. NB: Weighted bases provide limited stress protection for the cables and in this respect are unsuitable for ceiling hung applications. Messenger OE Elsafe Grommet base (C13) – provides total protection of cables into the floor. Ideal for raised floor applications, but
also for installation directly into floor box lids – considerably increasing the cable exit capacity of a floor box.

All Configurations

All cable management umbilical configurations OE Elsafe

Messenger Umbilical accessories OE Elsafe

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