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Surge Protection: Mains Filter

Hard wired 20A surge protection filter.

Optional remote status monitoring facility.

Thermal fuse to protect against further damage after a power surge.

The 121380 is a hard wired 20A surge protection filter which provides protection against voltage transients, low and high frequency noise and assists with the reduction of harmonics generated by electronic equipment.

The first stage of the 121380 contains a 4th order LC filter with additional Y capacitors which creates an effective common and differential mode filter. This filter reduces noise and unwanted harmonics to protect sensitive electrical systems. Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are placed directly across the load side of the filter network to arrest any transients over 275Vrms. MOVs dissipate the excess voltage spikes as heat and are connected between Active / Neutral, Active / Earth and Neutral / Earth, for full protection.

The input circuit incorporates specially designed common and differential mode toroidal chokes that absorb a large proportion of the incoming transient. These inductor chokes are very robust and reduce the strain usually placed on MOVs resulting in lower let through voltages to the load. The MOVs are protected by a replaceable fuse, and a non-replaceable thermal fuse, should the incoming surge be greater than the rated capacity of the MOVs..