Distributors, Locking & Safety Clips

Accessories to support your Soft Wiring requirements.

OE Elsafe stock a range of accessories to support your softwiring requirements. All of the accessories on offer are compatible with the Wieland GST18 soft wiring connector system.

Distributor Blocks

DB2 – 1 x input and 1 x output Available in black

T Connector – 1 x input and 2 x outputs Available in black and white

DB4 – 1 x input and 3 x outputs Available in black and white

DB6 – 1 x input and 5 x outputs Available in black and white

Locking Clips

Available in black

It is a mandatory requirement within the Installation Coupler Standard that all connectors within the modular soft wiring system be fitted with retention devices, such that when installed accidental disconnection of the modular wiring system is prevented. Many of the products within the Elsafe system have the locking/retention clips built in (Eg Power Rails, PB Boxes, Node Boxes etc). In these cases there is no need for the plug in cables to be fitted with locking clips. Connections between two (2) cables will require the installer to fit locking clips to the connectors.

Safety End Caps

Available in black

One strip of 12 = 4 end caps