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Cable Management

Cable Management

What is Cable Management?

Cable management solutions provide power, data and AV to the workspace in an efficient, safe and visually appealing way.  Our cable management solutions are flexible and can be configured to provide the best possible solution to suit any workspace environment.

OE Elsafe Cable Management Solutions.

The OE Elsafe vertical cable management umbilical solutions include Pathfinder, Messenger and Superflex all of which come in a range of colours. We offer a range of horizontal solutions which include the Prodigy wire basket cable tray, Cable Cleats and EasyClamp.

If you require flexible cable management for sit-to-stand adjustable height desks we can offer a range of solutions. Our Cable-Snake Cube and Cable-Snake Cube MX ranges offer practical yet stylish way to manage cables effectively.

Our Cable Management range offers solutions for:

  • Office environments
  • Education facilities
  • Public spaces
  • Under desk
  • Conference and boardroom tables
  • Ceiling to floor
  • Ceiling to desk
  • Floor to desk
  • On floor
  • Wire basket cable trays
  • Cable umbilicals
  • Adjustable height sit to stand desks

Regardless of the environment, be it office, education or hospitality, we will have a solution to suit your needs. Contact us today for more information.