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USB A+C Laptop & Mobile Charging

Reversible Type A USB Port

Integral Panel Mount Clips

Fits OE Elsafe Power Rails and Table Boxes

Compact yet Powerful (under 80mm)

QikFIT TUF HP provides high powered USB C charging for laptops and mobiles, with the added convenience of the world’s first reversible USB type A port for first time connection, every time.

Compact but powerful QikFIT TUF HP fits neatly into OE Elsafe power rails, table boxes, prodigy cable baskets and is also suitable for panel mounting in lockers.

Providing up to 60W of laptop charging power through the USB Type-C port, QikFIT TUF HP also provides fast charging through the USB Type-A port for mobiles and tablets.

Reversible Type A USB Port – Accepts connector both ways

Unique to OE Elsafe is the reversible Type A port which will ensure a quick single attempt connection every time.  USB charging cord connectors can now be inserted both ways, cutting down on wear or damage from incorrect attempts, maximising the working life of the power module. 

TUF is safe and designed for public spaces, no data transfer is possible.

Data transfer is not possible as TUF has no external data connections or the ability to store enough code to put malware on a device


USB A + C Power Delivery
Replaceable | Upgradeable


TUF Power Delivery
USB Type-A and Type-C


Twin USB Fast Charging
USB Type-A and Type-C


QikFIT TUF HP (High Power) incorporates Power Delivery Technology, optimising charging speeds for both laptops and mobile phones.

TUF HP delivers a full 60W rated Type C Port charge while maintaining Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) on the Type A Port.

Reversible Type A Port (unique to OE) ensures a quick single attempt connection every time.  USB charging cord connectors can now be inserted both ways.

QikFIT TUF HP key points / additional features:

  • Powerful Type C 60 W Charging for Laptops and mobile phones
  • USB Power Delivery for Maximum Compatibility
  • Type A and Type C reversible connector ports
  • Can handle over 10,000 insertions (commercial grade)

Delivering 65W of power across two USB ports QikFIT TUF HP can simultaneously charge two of your devices at speeds comparable to or faster than your devices’ own chargers.  QikFIT TUF HP utilises IDR (Intelligent Device Recognition) enabling it to ‘talk’ to your devices ensuring optimum charging rates.

TUF by name and tough by nature; QikFIT TUF HP is designed to withstand the elements of a commercial environment with commercial grade connectors for over 10,000 insertions. This makes QikFIT TUF HP ideally suited to high usage public areas, hotels, education and offices. QikFIT TUF HP circuitry includes protection against both input and output current overload and has been independently tested to the latest International Safety and EMC standards.

Through innovative engineering QikFIT TUF HP boasts an exceptional efficiency of 91% ensuring you a full 65W of power for charging. This allows you to charge your devices faster, with far less power wastage through heat generation and complies with the latest international standards on the efficiency of power supplies.

All sectors require the freedom to charge laptops and mobile devices in easily accessible places.  Versatile QikFIT TUF HP can be included almost anywhere fitted into an OE Elsafe power rail, table box, cable basket or panel mounted in lockers.

Have you have ever considered designing your own power module, where ours may not suit?  There is no better time because we can help you integrate one of our TUF HP modules your own OEM solution. This versatility means our patented USB laptop and mobile charging can be available anywhere it is needed.

QikFIT TUF HP is fully certified to Australian Standards ensuring peace of mind when specified into any commercial environment.

QikFIT TUF HP gives users the flexibility to charge anywhere anytime SAFELY!

QikFIT TUF HP High Powered USB Charger Specifications

QikFIT TUF HP is for charging only; no data transfer is available as no connection to a computer is provided.

USB charging outlets 1 x Type A Female
1 x Type C Female
Input Connection 1 x GST18/3 Male
Output Voltages and Currents (USB-C or USB-A Port single used):                                USB-C: PD3.0: 5Vdc/3A, 9Vdc/3A, 12Vdc/3A, 15Vdc/3A or 20Vdc/3.25A QC2.0/QC3.0: 5Vdc/3A, 9Vdc/3A or 12Vdc/3A
USB-A: 5Vdc/2.4A
Output (USB-C and USB-A Port both used):                  USB-C: PD3.0: 5Vdc/3A, 9Vdc/3A, 12Vdc/3A, 15Vdc/3A or 20Vdc/2.25A
QC2.0/QC3.0: 5Vdc/3A, 9Vdc/3A or 12Vdc/3A
USB-A: 5Vdc/2.4A
Input 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 1.6A;
Rated Total Output Power 65 W Max
USB Connector Min. Insertions – 10,000 for Type A, 10,000 for Type C
Over Current Protection Yes, Digital Control at 3.3A – Auto Reset with LED Flash
Short Circuit Protection Yes, Auto Reset
Over Temperature Protection Yes, Auto Reset
Rated Operating Temperature 0° TO 25°C
Safety Certification Safety – IEC62368-1: 2014 2nd Ed
EMC – IEC 61204-3: 2018

Dimensions QikFIT TUF HP




QikFIT TUF HP (High Powered) USB Charger Dimensions




QikFIT TUF HP (High Powered) USB Charger CODES

(High Powered) Laptop Charging

152460 QF15 1TUFHP 65W A+C BLACK
152461 QF15 1TUFHP 65W A+C WHITE
920579 PACE 1G 1TUF65 DB JC 0.8 BLK
920578 PACE 1G 1TUF65 DB JC 0.8 WHT
920577 PACE 2G 1TUF65 DB JC 0.8 BLK
920576 PACE 2G 1TUF65 DB JC 0.8 WHT
913573 QS 2G 1TUF65 DB JC 1.4 BLK
913572 QS 2G 1TUF65 DB JC 1.4 WHT
921088 PART 2G 1TUFHP JC 1.4 BLACK
921089 PART 2G 1TUFHP JC 1.4 WHITE

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This item is designed and intended for commercial use.