Compact and shallow floor box.

Quick and easy to install.

Suitable for use in concrete floors and raised access floors.

The OE Elsafe HAWK floor box is one of the smallest and shallowest stainless steel floor boxes on the market yet it still provides an excellent solution for power, data and AV requirements.

Ideal for use in open spaces providing a sleek and stylish stainless steel finish allowing services directly to workstations, conference and training rooms where other access is not practical.

The HAWK has been designed to fit securely into the 90mm trench of raised access floors such as the Netfloor system and with a height of only 55mm the HAWK can easily be used in areas where height restriction is an issue. In addition to this the HAWK can also easily be used in concrete floors with the aid of the HAWK screed box.


The HAWK is designed to accept many options including starters, 2 x GPO’s and a range of Data and AV fittings in QF5 Tiles.


HAWK comprises of a brushed stainless steel lid and the chassis is fabricated from powder coated 1.2mm mild steel.

Lid Options

Non-recessed solid stainless steel.

Colour Options

Lid/Frame – Stainless Steel
Chassis – Grey powder coated

Power Connection Options

Hardwired for GPOs and 20A starters.


The HAWK is designed for use in concrete floors, raised access floors, wooden stage floors and computer floor applications.

Screed Box

The HAWK Screed Box provides a method to
prepare for floorbox installation at the time of
construction. This eliminates the inaccuracies
associated with boxing in timber or blocking with
foam, the screed box can be installed with the
conduits and wiring in place before the pouring of
the concrete slab.

The screed box is supplied with a protective lid to
stop concrete ingress which is removed to install
the HAWK floorbox at a later stage. Alternatively
the HAWK screed box can be cut into the existing
concrete floor slab.

Quality and Testing

Visual: Configuration and appearance.
Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation and earth
USB charger: Output voltage and resistance
All sockets continuity tested with batch performance testing
“We test every pin on every connection in every socket”


Hawk small stainless steel floor box OE Elsafe

Cutout Dimensions

Hawk floor box cut out dimensions OE Elsafe

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