Qikfit Data and Leads

Fits OE Elsafe rails, power boxes and cable management systems.
Data panels available to fit industry standard cutouts.

OE Elsafe can provide effective and stylish solutions for any of your data requirements. The unique QF5 data tile is designed to fit into all of the OE Elsafe products, from our extremely versatile floor boxes or rails to our ceiling boxes. Also mountable directly into screens up to 3mm thick and using a Thick Panel Frame can be installed into panels from 3mm to 14mm thick.
Once installed, the cleverly designed QF5 can be removed from the front to allow for easy replacement of the tile when reconfiguring the unit or to allow access to the back of the tile for termination.

OE Elsafe can provide the data tiles with fully tested pre-terminated data leads in any brand you require (please refer to OE Elsafe Soft Wiring Data Brochure for further information) or alternatively the tiles can be provided with apertures to accommodate all brands of data jacks including Clipsal style (referred to as AUNZ data jacks) and Keystone style data jacks.

Blank tiles can also be provided to allow for any cutout you require. OE Elsafe can provide Keystone style adapters in eight different colours to work in conjunction with the Keystone Data tiles. These colour coded data outlet markers allow for easy data cable identification as well as allowing for the face of the data jack to sit flush in the keystone cutout creating a stylish finish.

Qikfit Power

2 GPO | 4 GPO
Thick Panel Frames

Qikfit 2GPO TUF

2 GPOs + TUF Charging
USB Type-A and Type-C

Qikfit TUF

Twin USB Fast Charging
USB Type-A and Type-C

Qikfit Audio Visual

HDMI | USB | VGA | Audio
Audio Visual Leads

QF Tiles

Available in white, black and grey

QF5 AUNZ Data Clipsal cutout OE ElsafeQF5 AUNZ 4 x Data Clipsal cutout OE Elsafe
QF5 AUNZ Data CutoutQF25 AUNZ Data Cutout
QF5 2 x Angled AUNZ Data Clipsal cutout OE ElsafeQF5 Keystone Data cutout OE Elsafe
QF25 2 x Angled AUNZ DataQF5 Keystone Cutout
QF5 blank OE ElsafeQF25 blank OE Elsafe
QF5 BlankQF25 Blank

Keystone Adaptors

OE Elsafe can provide Keystone style adaptors in eight different colours to work in conjunction with the Keystone Data tiles. These colour coded data outlet markers allow for easy data cable identification as well as allowing for the face of the data jack to sit flush in the keystone cutout creating a stylish finish.

Keystone adaptors OE Elsafe

Soft Wired Data

Qikfit soft wired data Cat 6 OE Elsafe

The open plan office is now the norm for the modern work environment all over the world. Workstations, hot-desking, conferencing and break out areas are all competing for the same space and the ability for the furniture and cabling infrastructure to adapt, to the changing needs of a business, quickly and at low cost is now paramount and the need for soft wiring has never been greater.

Data network cabling is not immune to this evolution, and, whilst transmission speeds are increasing (from CAT5e to CAT6, CAT6A and even CAT7), the ISO/IEC has set standards to ensure that network cabling manufacturers allow for a flexible architecture (see example and schematic below).

Soft wired data OE Elsafe
For an adaptable workspace, the most important part of the architecture is the Consolidation Point (CP) which provides a plug-and-play connection between the two sections of the Permanent Link.

At OE Elsafe we have a wide range of power and data solutions that suit both floor-fed and ceiling-fed applications. Our workstation, desk or table mounted accessories enable power and data points to be presented to the user in a single, easy to use and visually appealing package – the Terminal Outlet (TO).

The connection between CP and TO has specific requirements and Elsafe is able to draw on 20 years of market leading experience in soft wired data from its parent company, OE Electrics (UK), providing an unrivalled family of products to suit any application, each of which has been primarily engineered around the electro-mechanical characteristics of the data cabling. So strong is the desire to accommodate data in compliance with the standards, we have even developed adaptors where data manufacturers have no suitable alternative.

Options of factory installed data, whether generic (provided with OE Elsafe warranty) or branded (where ‘Channel’ warranties are expected) can simplify installation and reduce costs whilst at the same time improving quality through 100% end of line testing.

The key advantage of ending the Permanent Link with soft wiring is that it provides a modular, reconfigurable solution for work area changes – CHURN. As the Horizontal Cable does not need to be re-run, the office layout can be altered cost effectively and with minimal down time, allowing business operations to continue virtually uninterrupted.

Desk Solutions

OE Elsafe desk solutions were all designed around the data cabling, taking into account branded socket depths and large bend radii requirements.

In-Desk Solutions

Our In-Desk solutions also ensure that data outlets are easily accessible to the user.

Thick Panel Frame

The Qikfit Thick Panel Frame has been designed to accommodate the Elsafe Qikfit Series in a screen or other surface from 3mm to 14mm thick. The sleek and easy to install frame comes in white, black or grey in a QF45 size only. This is a brilliant cost effective mounting method that can be installed in a range of different configurations.



The Thick Panel Frame comprises of three parts: the Frame which is made from Polycarbonate and two frame clips which are made from a Nylon 6/6 to allow
the clip to spring as required. The clips are able to be adjusted for height variations in panels 3 – 10mm and panels 6 – 14mm thick.



Mounting of QF items in Thick Panel Frames

The three posts moulded into the frame are integral to the stability of the Thick Panel Frame. For installation of data (can fit up to 9 x QF5 tiles), these posts will stop distortion to the straight lines of the frame. For Power or TUF configurations, these posts can be easily removed to accommodate the module as per below.




Cutout Dimensions

Qikfit data cutout dimensions OE Elsafe