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ARC-H Wireless Charger

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Integrated Hidden Wireless Charger

Charging range of 15-30mm – no routing < 25mm

The ARC-H through surface wireless charger offers the ultimate in charging convenience. With a charging range of 15-30mm, ARC-H can be installed without the need to cut or rout into the underside of the surface for surface thicknesses up to 25mm.

Fast charge Samsung (10W) Apple (7.5W)

With 10W of charging power ARC-H is one of the fastest sub surface wireless chargers on the market, convenient for a full charge or a quick boost when you need it most.

Hidden under surface for a clutter free workspace

ARC-H is designed for the easiest of installations.  Simply place the marker decal on the surface and using the unique magnet alignment method locate and secure the ARC-H charging module to the underside using screws that are suitable for the surface material. Once installed ARC-H is completely hidden requiring a simple decal to guide placement of mobiles on the surface.

ARC-H is not suited for the iPhone 12 series

ARC-H will not charge the Apple iPhone 12 series.  The OE Elsafe ARC-80 integrated wireless charger will charge all wireless enabled phones including the iPhone 12 series

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Input / Output Power

Output Power 10W (Max)
Input Power (Charger) 19V / 0.94A


154mm X 110mm X 10mm plus wings.

Net Weight


Frame Material & Colour

Polycarbonate (Black)

Valid Charging Distance


Horizontal Tolerance

± 15mm

Charging Mode

Compatible with Qi-BPP, iPhone and Samsung fast charging.




IEC 60950-1 (Safety) EN62311 (Health) EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3 (EMC)EN 303 417 (Radio)

ARC-H Wireless Fast Charger Specifications

Output Power Up to 10W
Input Power (Charger) 19V/0.94A
Input Power (Plug Pack) 100-240 VAC, 0.7A
Standby Power 0.2W
Charging Z-Distance 15-30mm
Decal Sizes 40 and 80mm
Surface Thickness 15-30 mm (no routing required for standard surfaces up to 25mm thickness). Thicker surfaces will require under surface routing.
Certification IEC 60950-1 (Safety) EN62311 (Health) EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3 (EMC)EN 303 417 (Radio)
Housing Material Polycarbonate
In The Box 1 x ARC-H Wireless Charging Module
2 x Grey and 2 x Black 40 / 80mm Decals
3 x Cable Clips
1 x Alignment Magnet
1 x Alignment Template
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Installation Sheet
3M Tape on the Underside


Installation Video

ARC-H has a charging range of 15-30mm.  Standard surfaces up to 25mm do not require under surface routing.

The decal is placed on the surface and using the unique magnet alignment method the ARC-H is positioned and then fixed to the underside of the surface using screws.

Dimensions :- 154mm X 110mm X 10mm

ARC-H Hidden Wireless Charger Decal

Charging Coil Alignment

When installing ARC-H please note the magnet alignment lines up with the charging coil located at one end of the module.  The centre of the arc logo is the centre of the charging coil.  When installing it is necessary to have the module arc logo line up with the surface arc logo.

Metal Objects

Once installed ARC-H must be a minimum of 35mm from any metal objects or structures.  ARC-H will not operate through metal surfaces.  ARC-H modules must be a minimum of 300mm apart.

Part No. Description
590560 ARC-H Sub Surface Wireless Charger