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Cable Free Exam Room Set Up

Exam Room Set Up – Without the Cables

Up to 28 Hours of Power from a Single Charge

Sydney Grammar School approached OE Elsafe for a solution to their usually laborious and time-consuming exam setup process. Previously, several teachers had taken up to three days to setup the four exam rooms, with mains power cables being taped to the floor, presenting safety issues and possible trip hazards.  Extra time was required to maintain exam room safety, with teachers checking and re-taping cables between exams.

The solution was the OE Elsafe QIKPAC CARRY power bank, a commercial grade portable battery at the heart of the award winning ANIMATE series.  Sydney Grammar School has invested in and is pleased to be using their own set of QIKPAC CARRY, effectively reducing the previous laborious three-day exam room set-up to a simple two-hour task.

Teachers at the school are praising the technology as a significant time saver and a much safer option with the floor being cable free.  Teachers are also pleased with the simplicity of use, reporting that a single QIKPAC CARRY connected to a laptop and placed on each desk provided enough power to last the entire two-day NAPLAN exam period with charge remaining. Classroom configuration can also be optimised for students and exams rather than accommodating a myriad of power cables.

Designed for the commercial space, a single QIKPAC CARRY power bank will provide up to 28 hours of laptop power from a single charge.  The same set up was successfully used for previous exams, including the recent Geography Olympiad, with the same quick set-up and pack down times plus ease of use.

Sydney Grammar School have maximised their investment by using the same QIKPAC batteries in the library. Tables have been fitted with QIKDOC, the purpose designed QIKPAC CARRY docking station, as well as QikFIT PORT USB charging units. QIKDOC allows for power direct from the QIKPAC CARRY TUF-R USB power module or via one of many OE Elsafe in-surface power units. OE Elsafe’s range of in-surface power solutions can be fitted with AC power and OE’s patented TUF-R HP (replaceable) USB charging modules.

It has been a pleasure working with Sydney Grammar School’s IT manager and team and we look forward to phase two, – the Sydney Grammar Library power solution.

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