Smart Cable Management.

Built in mounting brackets for quick installation.

Qikfit clips into place, no extra parts needed.

The PRODIGY cable basket offers a unique combination of features: speed of installation, strength, versatility, aesthetics and a configurability unlike anything that has been seen before within a cable management system.

PRODIGY is simply the smartest cable management system on the market: ‘less is so much more’.

The PRODIGY has been designed to allow the OE Elsafe Qikfit Power, Data and AV components to simply ‘click’ directly into the face or back of the basket without the need for separate brackets, clips or parts. It is also possible to stack the single tier baskets to create a sturdy multi-tier solution within a matter of seconds.

These features combined with the built-in mounting brackets make the ‘PRODIGY’ the basket to use if speed of installation is paramount.

Single Tier

Prodigy wire basket cable tray single tier OE Elsafe

Double Tier

Prodigy wire basket cable tray double tier OE Elsafe

Umbilical Mounting

Use the PRODIGY umbilical mounting bracket to fit PATHFINDER, MESSENGER or SUPERFLEX directly to the PRODIGY cable basket. Available in white, black and grey.

Prodigy horizontal cable management umbilical OE Elsafe    Prodigy wire basket cable tray umbilical mounting  OE Elsafe

Interconnecting Blocks

Use interconnecting blocks to connect multiple Qikfit’s together without the need for cables.
Wieland distribution block OE Elsafe