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TUF-R (25W) USB Charging


Patented USB A+C charging technology

Modular design to fit most OE Elsafe products

The OE TUF-R USB charger has been developed for the future, offering the unique and patented benefit of being replaceable. Replacing only the TUF-R module and not the whole product saves time, money, and significantly reduces waste.

TUF-R features include:

    • Mobile, tablet, and laptop charging
    • Reversible USB Type A and C ports
    • Patented replaceable USB canister / QF5 Tile
    • Fits most OE products
    • Developed and tested to the highest safety standards

Upgrade / Replace by anyone

TUF-R is quick and simple to replace without the need for an electrician or turning off the power. The unique and patented benefit of being replaceable makes TUF-R perfect for areas of high traffic, such as airports, schools, and hospitality, where if damaged through misuse, TUF-R can simply be quickly replaced.

Reversible Type A Port

Unique to OE Elsafe is the reversible Type A port which will ensure a single attempt connection every time.  USB charging cord connectors can now be inserted both ways, cutting down on wear or damage from incorrect attempts, maximising the working life of the power module.

Technology never stands still, so being replaceable also allows TUF-R to be upgraded in the future to keep pace with the latest USB charging technology.

 Click to see how quick the TUF-R Cartridge is to replace

 Click to see how quick the TUF-R QF5 TILE is to replace 


USB Type-A and Type-C
25W Mobile & Tablet Charging


USB Type-A and Type-C
72W Laptop & Mobile Charging


USB Type-A and Type-C
Laptop & Mobile Charging

Developed for high use areas such as Hotels, airport lounges, trains and schools/colleges, TUF-R charging sockets can be replaced on-site without even the need to disconnect the AC supply.

TUF – Twin USB Fast Charger Specifications

Qikfit TUF is for charging only; no data transfer is available as no connection to a computer is provided.

USB charging outlets 1 x Type A Female
1 x Type C Female
Charging Current Max 5A in total
AC voltage range 240V AC 50/60Hz
AC input current Max 0.6amp at full load
<0.5mA at no load
Rated total Output 25W max
Output voltage 5V DC +- 5%
Standby Power use <0.05W
Life expectancy Min 5 years in normal use
USB connector Gold Plated
Min. Insertions – 5,000 for Type A, 10,000 for Type C
Over current protection Yes – Auto reset
Short Circuit protection Yes – Auto reset
Operating Temperature 0° to 30°C
Max relative humidity 85% RH
Safety Certifications Safety – IEC 60950-1: 2005 (2nd Edition) + AM 1:2009 + Am 2:2013
EMC – EN62104-3:200
Additional Features • Dynamic voltage adjustment to compensate for cable voltage loss
• Protection from external surges
• Blue LED

*Insertion lifetime refers to USB contacts only.


Indicative Charging Times

From 10% to 90%

Device Time
iPhone X

Type C – 79 minutes

Type A – 86 minutes

iPhone 8+

Type C – 71 minutes

Type A – 75 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Type C – 69 minutes

Type A – 87 minutes

iPad Pro 9.7

Type C – 125 minutes

Type A – 235 minutes

Macbook Pro 13″ Laptop Type C – 235 minutes

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This item is designed and intended for commercial use.